All Awards/Trophy Orders Require a 20% Non-Refundable Deposit

Turn Your Art Work Into Something Unique & Memorable

 Make your next event's awards eye catching with our high resolution color printing

High resolution color printing transforms your art work into a 

Beautiful work of art ready to present .

There is 8 sizes of Plaque wood for you to choose from 

so that all your awards can be tailor to fit your event.


 We have Plaque Specials that have a pre set number of plaques

to help keep you within your budget for your event,

Just add your art work to customize to your event. 


We can design your art work for you with your input of what your event is

 and the look you are trying to achieve.

Art work is done at a rate of $30 per hour


 Standard Production Time  7 Business day or more after Finished Art Approval

Speedy Production Time anything Less than 7 Days after Finished Art Approval

                                         12"x15"   10.5"x13"   9"x12"   8"x10"    7"x9"     6"x8"      5"x7"     4"x6"

Standard Production   $24.00     $21.00    $18.00   $15.00   $13.00   $11.00    $9.00    $7.00

       Single Plate

Standard Production   $29.00     $26.00   $23.00   $19.00  $16.00   $13.00   $11.00    $9.00

      Double Plate

Speedy Production      $34.00     $31.00    $28.00   $24.00  $21.00   $18.00   $16.00   $14.00

      Single Plate

Speedy Production     $39.00     $36.00    $33.00   $29.00  $26.00   $23.00  $21.00  $19.00

    Double Plate

                           Due to Printing Process exact color match is not always possible !!


Most Common Plaque Wood Colors

Royal Cherry


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Black Marble


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Matte Black


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Econo Plaque Series

Walnut Finish


Cherry Finish w/Black Edge


Gloss Black


11 Different Colors to Choose From

Black Marble